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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up/log in?
Visit hackernoon.com and hit Get Started. You will be able to sign in via your existing community.hackernoon.com account or create a new account.

Help! I can't seem to do that!
You might find this helpful: Account Creation Troubleshoot.

How do I submit a draft?
Once you are signed in, please click "New draft". You can also access that page directly via app.hackernoon.com/new

What happened to my Hacker Noon stories on Medium?
URLs will change from hackernoon.com/your-story to medium.com/hackernoon/your-story. Yes, we duplicated them here so you will still have all your claps and stats.

What happened to my Hacker Noon stories URL?
They remain the same, and direct to the new Hacker Noon home. Unless you opt-out of our terms.

How do I link my old stories to my new account?
Simply update your profile with your Medium handle. We will ask you for additional verification if your email doesn't match that in our database.

Why don't my old stories show up?
Sorry about that! We are still in the process of migrating. Please fill out this form below.

Do I need to pay to get published?
No. Unless you are a brand. In that case, visit our sponsor page and purchase brand-as-author credits. You will then submit your stories to Hacker Noon as usual.

How long does it take you to review a story now?
3 days. Promise. But only for stories submitted directly via hackernoon.com.

Do you still accept stories submitted to your publication via Medium?
We are ramping down the process and will only publish via medium.com/hackernoon once a week.

How do I submit story as a brand?
The same way anyone submits a story, via hackernoon.com. The only difference is you would have to purchase brand-as-author credits for editors to review your story.

For more questions, visit our help section or email [email protected].

Hacker Noon Rips Out Medium’s Software,
Replaces it With Their Own

By Brad Anderson. Read more on Readwrite

No technology is truly free. When you grow using someone else’s software, what’s to stop them changing their software to capture your growth? Or rip the software off your site altogether? Or simply run pop-up ads on your content?

As Medium pivots to a paywall model, top-rated independent publishers who used their free software are leaving left and right, but most are replacing their content management systems with established players like WordPress and Ghost. Hacker Noon decided to build its own software from the ground up.

“We’ve moved from being just a publishing company to also becoming a software company,” said Hacker Noon Founder & CEO David Smooke. “This is the first version of our publishing platform. It’s very far from complete, and our contributing writers will be integral into shaping what complete actually looks like. At the end of the day, Hacker Noon provides a digital experience to read and write about technology, and our ceiling as a company could not be reached without us making the software choices for our digital experience.”

It took Hacker Noon about half-year to build its own publishing platform – and that was possible because they raised $1 from 1200 people via equity crowdfunding. After the raise, Hacker Noon expanded from the husband and wife team of David and Linh Dao Smooke to 6 person full-time team, including Chief Product Officer Dane Lyons, who’s built most of the platform to date.

The new platform doesn’t have all the bells, whistles, claps and personalizations of the Medium’s software, but it is a simple way for anyone to write a tech story, have it reviewed and improved by a professional editor for distribution. After receiving a $100k grant from Google...... Read more on Readwrite.

Hacker Noon Releases
Tech Publishing Platform 2.0

The publication that started as “how hackers start their afternoons,”
has now built its own publishing software. Read more on Business Wire.

(Edwards, Colorado) - Hacker Noon, an independent tech media destination, released its new publishing platform at HackerNoon.com. Anyone can now visit the site, start writing, and have their post reviewed and improved by a professional editor for distribution via Hacker Noon.

We’ve moved from being just a publishing company to also becoming a software company,” said Hacker Noon Founder & CEO David Smooke. “This is the first version of our publishing platform, and we are excited to open it up to more contributing writers. Hacker Noon is designed for the technologist who wants to publish their stories across the interwebs.

Startups occasionally make the mistake of treating a launch as a finish line moment even though the name literally and appropriately implies the opposite,” said Hacker Noon Chief Product Officer Dane Lyons. “We're proud of what we've accomplished in our MVP but our best work is ahead of us, stay tuned.

Functionalities of this new tech publishing platform are listed below:

For Writers
... Read more on Business Wire & Yahoo Finance.